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providers-payers-iconConnecting for Quality Care

The GNOHIE makes patient information securely available to providers when and where they need it. We connect a growing base of patients, hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare stakeholders to:

  • Improve care coordination for better clinical outcomes
  • Reduce unnecessary and redundant procedures
  • Lower costs

Improving the Business of Healthcare

Providers and payers are tasked with managing the health of patients while controlling the cost of care; a balancing act made even more challenging in light of payment reform and government programs that mandate data-driven, collaborative care.

The powerful information within your electronic health record (EHR) system is exponentially more valuable when made available to all members of a patient’s care team. An EHR’s full potential can be realized when connected via an HIE giving participating providers a competitive advantage and making it easier to do business with one another.

Payer organizations also stand to gain from participating in the GNOHIE by facilitating collaboration with providers to reduce avoidable hospitalizations, non-emergent ED utilization and duplicative testing among the managed care organizations covered lives.



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