GNOHIE’s clinical data repository (CDR) provides a data-rich resource from which analysts and informaticists perform various studies of patient risk scoring, disease surveillance, clinical decision support, and quality measures reporting.

Operational Reports

  • Consent
  • Process measures (# of ED/IP notifications)

Outcome Reports

  • HEDIS measures
  • Utilization

GIS Hot-spotting

  • Disease prevalence
  • Utilization trends


pcoriLouisiana Clinical Data Research Network (LACDRN)

GNOHIE is a conduit through which hospitals and ambulatory providers can participate in the PCORI-funded Louisiana Clinical Data Research Network (LACDRN) in order to engage patients from multiple care sites in clinical trials research. GNOHIE access eliminates the hefty setup fees and workflow disruption that come with one-off clinical studies.

Support for the Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO

GNOHIE provides data management support to a Medicare Shared Savings Program (SSP) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in the GNO region. Participation can enhance member providers’ ability to reduce ED and hospital utilization, centrally export clinical data for and produce the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) measures, and perform analyses to risk score patients for targeted case management and treatment.

dept-health-hospitalsPrimary Care Capacity Project Quality Initiative funds

GNOHIE’s ability to produce unduplicated patient counts, identify clinical procedures and diagnoses, and capture ED and hospital admissions are central assets supporting a $2 million Primary Care Capacity Project focused on reducing hospitalization among the GNOCHC waiver patients during the 2015-2016 calendar years. In addition, GNOHIE will inform State officials with timely data to monitor hospital utilization by this population in order to prepare cost projections.