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Master Patient Index

Effective record matching is essential for understanding patient movement across facilities. The GNOHIE infrastructure is centered around a Master Patient Index (MPI) that matches patient records across all organizations contributing data. This allows the GNOHIE to send its members the most up to date information on the right patient population at the right time.

Matches patients across data sets and organizations

Updated by both algorithms and manual matching

Reduces duplication of patient records among participating organizations

Matches patients across data sets and organizations

Ability to serve as MPI across additional systems

Encounter Notifications

Hospital Notifications:

The GNOHIE offers real-time hospital encounter notifications to alert providers and care teams when their patients are admitted or discharged from the Emergency Department or Inpatient setting.

This technology can be leveraged for additional types of encounter notifications. Currently, we are piloting Jail Notifications, which are designed to inform organizations about changes in their patients’ incarceration status and facilitate re-entry support.

Alerts can be delivered real-time or at any interval 

  • Easily customized based on  organizational preferences.
  • Delivered via EHR, secure direct mail, or other preferred method.

Proactive push of information back to the provider

  • Enable providers to better manage care that took place outside their organization.
  • Allow for timely follow-up, better patient experience.

Improve performance on value-based care quality measures

  • 7-day follow-up post-discharge
  • Hospital Readmission
  • Total Cost of Care

Jail Notifications:

Using the same technology that supports hospital notifications, the GNOHIE began piloting jail notifications with two members in early 2020. Jail notifications deliver real-time alerts when a patient has been incarcerated or released from jail. This service keeps care teams informed of their patients’ incarceration status an enables them to facilitate timely outreach and care coordination upon release to support the re-entry process.

This technology can be leveraged for additional types of encounter notifications. Currently, we are piloting Jail Notifications, which are designed to inform organizations about changes in their patients’ incarceration status and facilitate re-entry support.

Reports and Analytics

The GNOHIE delivers standard reports designed to supplement real-time notification services. Our reports allow members to monitor and track utilization at the patient and population-level to target those with the greatest needs and drive strategic improvements in care. Current services include:

  • Hospital Utilization and Frequent Flyer Reports



The GNOHIE offers members standard reports with patient-level hospital utilization. The reports allow members to monitor and track patient-level hospital utilization to target those with the greatest needs. Delivered on a weekly or monthly basis, these reports complement the real-time hospital notifications by providing a comprehensive view of utilization across a population to drive strategic improvements in care.

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  • Post-Discharge Follow-Up Report



As hospitals become increasingly accountable for patient outcomes post-discharge, the GNOHIE is leveraging the extensive ambulatory data from participating clinics to get hospitals the data they need to drive better outcomes. The upcoming Post-Discharge Follow-Up Report will help hospitals track the status of their patients’ follow-up visits with a primary care provider, support coordination between hospital and clinic staff during transitions of care, and reduce the rate of hospital readmissions and other adverse events.

To accompany the report, members can receive real-time notifications to alert them when their patients have completed a follow-up encounter.

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  • Value-Based Care Services



To support value-based care efforts between providers and payers, the GNOHIE has developed capacity to transmit high-quality demographic and clinical data between hospitals, clinics, and other partners engaged in value-based care contracts. The GNOHIE can work with members to develop a customized approach to aggregating and sharing data in a way that best meets their needs.

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EHR Integration:

The GNOHIE can integrate with a range of electronic health records (EHRs), allowing members to effortlessly exchange data without having to manually compile and share information on an ongoing basis. Integration enables the GNOHIE to send encounter notifications directly into the EHR so members can easily view and act on the information.  


Population Health Platform Integration:

With more of our members rely on platforms for reporting, analytics, and population health management, the GNOHIE has begun partnering with these vendors to pave the way for data integration and a more seamless user experience. The GNOHIE can integrate the high-quality clinical data from population health platforms into our reports. In addition, the GNOHIE is seeking to make our data available to members directly through their population health platforms.

Secure Direct Mail

We offer members access to a secure and HIPAA-compliant Direct Mail service that allow members to easily send and receive protected health information, including Hospital Notifications. Member can receive one or multiple Direct Mail accounts to access through a web-based platform or integrated into your EHR’s Direct Mail service. We work with our members to ensure that Direct mailboxes are set up in a way that optimizes workflow for providers, care managers, or other members of the care team.

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